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How to connect/reconnect your Shopify store to One Tribe!

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Connecting Shopify to One Tribe is super fast and only takes 2 minutes to complete.

You will need Username & Password details to Log In to your Shopify Store Account and your One Tribe Account

Please watch the video for a live demo and follow the instructions below. If you have any issues, hit the support chat button bottom right of the browser and let us know, we are here to help you :)

1 Sign into One Tribe here

2 go to Integration

3 Select 'Shopify' from the drop-down menu

4 Click 'Update Integration'

5 Follow the instructions and copy the Webhook by selecting it.


6 Now go to your Shopify Store Account

7 Click 'Settings'

8 Click 'Notifications'

9 Scroll to the 'Webhooks' section at the end of the page

10 Click 'Create Webhook' and paste in the Webhook you copied and click save*

  • Note: All settings should be the same as the image above, including:
    Event: 'cart Crreation'
    Format 'JSON'
    URL 'your pasted Webhook'
    Webhook API version 'unstable'

11 Click 'Send Test notification'

12 When you see this message, you have successfully installed One Tribe.
Now every product you sell is saving trees :)

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