5 minute - non-technical setup instructions:

You will need access to your WordPress / WooCommerce Administration system to complete this task.

Once completed you can return to your onetribeglobal.com account to configure your campaign settings and 'Go Live' with your climate action campaign.


Step 1: In WooCommerce Admin click the Advanced tab

Step 2: Now select 'Webhooks' from the Page Setup navigation menu

Step 3: Now select 'Create a new Webhook'

Step 4: Complete the form with the information below:

Name: One Tribe Webhook

Status: Active

Topic: Order Created

URL: Paste your One Tribe 'Webook URL' located in your 'My Account' page on onetribeglobal.com here. It should look something like this:

Secret: Leave this blank

API Version: Select WP REST API Integration v3


Step 5: Click Save Webhook.


You have now completed the Webhook setup in your WordPress account.

This will now send sales data to your One Tribe account, from here you can configure how your campaign works and what products, categories will save rainforest with every order. Please log in to onetribeglobal.com/login to continue :)

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