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Messaging Guide - One Tribe
Messaging Guide - One Tribe

How to communicate your climate action campaigns to promote your partnership with One Tribe

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Now that you have integrated with the One Tribe platform, now its time to go live with your messaging.

This guide will help you get up and running to promote your climate action campaign to your customers on your site and through your marketing channels.

One Tribe Media Gallery

The One Tribe Media Gallery is full of images and content to help you to bring your climate action campaign to life. All of the images are rights-free for One Tribe customers!

  • Go to

  • Go to Media Gallery

  • Select the media type you need and click on the image you want

  • In the top right click on the arrow symbol and choose to share or to download

Below are a few suggestions for how you can use the images from the media gallery to bring your campaign to life!

Update your Website to Convert More Visitors

You should now have the Tree Counter Widget on the footer of your site to validate that you are a brand that is taking action on the climate crisis.

Sustainability Page

If you don't already have a Sustainability Page or similar, then now is the time to create one! If you do then you can use the below to enhance what you already have.

Having a sustainability page on your site validates that you are a business that cares about your customers and the environment, and its a chance to communicate your values through action!

Product and signup Incentives

There are images in the New Gallery section which emphasise to your customers that buying a product on your site will protect rainforest. This is great to help with the point of sale conversion rates and to remind customers that you're a brand who cares!

  • If you're incentivising newsletter signups then drop next to your newsletter signup in your footer on overlays

  • If you're incentivising sales the add to product information on all products (you can sometimes add this to en existing section like your delivery info in your ecommerce store)

Popups and website abandonment

When customers are leaving your site without signing up or purchasing, its a great opportunity to remind them that you are an eco-conscious brand! Add your incentive message into your popups and overlays so they know that they can do something good for the environment when they shop with you!

Embed Video

You can even add a video to your site to bring the campaign to life!

You can get the video to embed here!

Boost your Marketing to Find New Customers

Now that your website has been updated to promote your climate action campaign, now its time to leverage your marketing channels to attract more eco-conscious consumers to your site!

Social Media and Display Ads

One Tribe brands have had great success in terms of customer engagement, feedback and click-throughs by adding One Tribe climate action messaging into their social and display ad campaigns. Here are a few ideas on how you can too!

  • Use the story images and add your own text and animations on Instagram

  • Use Instagram Post images to add some lush rainforest imagery to your grid

  • Pick an image and add it to your Facebook ads or retargeting ads, promoting that you protect rainforest with every sale to attract new eco-conscious customers!

Newsletters and Email

If you have an email database, there are lots of ways you can promote your partnership with One Tribe. Here are a few ideas!

  • Create a launch email to let your customers know they can protect Rainforest when they buy from your site

  • Add a message to your follow up emails and a rainforest image from the Media Gallery and a message like 'You just protected 5 trees by making a purchase from our site!!'

  • Promote key dates in the calendar like National Tree Week, International Rainforest Day or Global Day of Climate Action (lookout for an upcoming calendar to help you keep track!) and remind customers that they can protect rainforest when they shop with you.

Don't stop there...

One Tribe is always looking for input from our customers on how we can make the product and platform deliver even more value for you. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can help you to be more sustainable and grow your brand then let us know!!

Just email or get us on the chatbot..

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