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Increasing Customer Engagement with Climate Action Incentives
Increasing Customer Engagement with Climate Action Incentives

Messaging to communicate your climate action campaign to your customers in an engaging way

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With One Tribe climate action incentives you can decide to grow:

  • All products sales

  • Sales from a specific product category

  • Sales over a certain basket value

  • Newsletter signups, product launches and brochure downloads

Square Metres or Trees?

Each 100 metres of rainforest saved protects 5 trees. When you’re incentivising your customers you can choose either of these, depending on what you think will be most impactful for them.

If you are using our £49 plan you can change to the tree quantity that you want. 5 trees are the start but you could go to 1000 trees or more if you wish.


Here are some examples of how you can message your campaign to your customers:


“Join our newsletter to protect 5 trees today!”

“Join to protect threatened rainforest!”

“Every signup protects 100 sqm of rainforest!”

“Every signup protects threatened rainforest!”

Check some live client examples below!


“Every purchase you make from our website protects rainforest”

“Protect endangered rainforest every time you purchase a [product category] product from us”

“Protect 100 square metres of rainforest when you purchase a product from us.”

“Save 5 trees when you buy from our site!”

Note: in each instance, the promotional message should be accompanied by either “Powered by One Tribe” or the TR[1]BE logo to verify your partnership with us.

Check some live client examples below!


Once you are live you can promote your campaigns across your marketing channels. You could use your newsletter to promote sales incentives, and your socials to promote both sale and signup incentives to increase exposure for your climate action and increase engagement.

Check some live client examples below!

Start your sustainability journey now!

Let us know if you have any questions on how best to position your climate action campaigns to your customers.

We are all one tribe!

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